Auto, Boat, Motorcycle, & RV

With an office located in beautiful Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Mike Bell Insurance Agency is familiar with finding the right auto and boat insurance. We offer multiple types of coverage for vehicles and watercrafts, so you can stay protected at work or play. At Mike Bell Insurance Agency, we work alongside our clients to uncover the coverage that best fits your needs. Enjoy your drive or time on the water knowing you’re protected.

auto insurance coverage

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance doesn’t just protect your vehicle. It also protects you, other drivers, and businesses on the roadway. At Mike Bell Insurance Agency, we want to ensure clients are protected on and off the roads. We will assess your specific needs, explain the best coverage to meet those needs, and provide cost comparisons. As a result, you can trust you’re receiving the best possible policy for your lifestyle and budget.

At Mike Bell Insurance Agency, we always put our clients first, ensuring they receive the professional advice and personalized coverage they deserve.

golf cart insurance coverage

ATVs & Golf Carts

Love to play hard on an ATV or enjoy the convenience of a small golf cart? Mike Bell Insurance Agency also offers sensible insurance protection for small, motorized vehicles to ensure you’re always protected. Whether you have a golf cart you utilize for touring your business campus or you take an ATV off-road, we have the right policy to protect you and your guests.

boat insurance coverage

Boats & Personal Watercrafts

With our office located in Jacksonville Beach, we’re familiar with different water sports and fun under the sun. Make sure you’re properly covered during your time on the water with Boat Insurance for your personal watercraft. Whether you own a powerboat, sailboat, or Jet Ski™, we can discuss the best policy for your lifestyle.